2009 City Council Agendas
2009-12-29 Regular Council Meeting Cancellation
2009-12-22 Regular Study Session Cancellation
2009-12-15 Regular Council Meeting
2009-12-15 Post Council Meeting Study Session Agenda
2009-12-08 Regular Study Session Agenda
2009-12-04 Special Meeting Agenda - Council Dinner after Parade of Lights
2009-12-04 Special Meeting Agenda - Parade of Lights
2009-12-01 Regular Council Meeting
2009-11-24 Regular Study Session Agenda
2009-11-17 Regular Council Meeting
2009-11-10 Regular Study Session Agenda
2009-11-03 Regular Council Meeting
2009-11-03 Post Council Meeting Agenda
2009-10-28 Joint Special Study Session Agenda with Park District
2009-10-27 Regular Study Session Agenda
2009-10-20 Regular Council Meeting
2009-10-13 Special Study Session Council Goal Setting
2009-10-06 Regular Council Meeting
2009-10-06 Post Council Meeting Agenda
2009-09-28 & 29 Special Council Meeting - Council Goal Setting
2009-09-24 Special Meeting Agenda - Board and Commission Member Input into Council Goals Session
2009-09-24 Special City Council Meeting-METCAD Candidate Reception
2009-09-23 Special City Council Meeting Agenda-Watershed Steering Committee Meeting
2009-09-22 Special City Council Meeting Agenda-Champaign County Washington Fly-in
2009-09-22 Regular Study Session Agenda