2021 Council Study Session Reports
SS 2021-037 Proposed Community Gun Violence Reduction Blueprint.pdf
SS 2021-036 Police Hiring Process Follow Up.pdf
SS 2021-035 Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's).pdf
SS 2021-034 Financial Forecast.pdf
SS 2021-033 Proposed 2021 Property Tax Levy.pdf
SS 2021-032 Disposition of City-Owned Property.pdf
SS 2021-031 Community Emergency Services and Supports Act.pdf
SS 2021-030 Bristol Place Phase II.pdf
SS 2021-029 Neighborhood Ambassadors.pdf
SS 2021-028 Use of Technology to Address Violent Crime.pdf
SS 2021-027 2021-2023 City Council Goal Setting Process.pdf
SS 2021-026 American Rescue Plan Community Input.pdf
SS 2021-025 Garden Hills Neighborhood Strategic Planning Initiative.pdf
SS 2021-024 Garden Hills Neighborhood Infrastructure Financing.pdf
SS 2021-023 Applying the Equal Opportunity in Purchasing Ordinance to Economic Development Agreements.pdf
SS 2021-022 Champaign Diversity Advancement Program Update.pdf
SS 2021-021 Police Hiring Process Changes.pdf
SS 2021-020 Council Goal Update - Neil Street Plaza Placemaking Plan Phase 1.pdf
SS 2021-019 Request for Honorary Street Name - Walter Smith.pdf
SS 2021-018 Boneyard Creek North Branch Improvements Status.pdf
SS 2021-017 American Rescue Plan Funding.pdf
SS 2021-016 Budget Memo 2021-22 Proposed Capital Improvement Plan.pdf
SS 2021-015 Budget Memo 2021-22 Proposed Library Operating Fund Budget.pdf
SS 2021-014 Budget Memo 2021-22 Fiscal Year 2021-22 Proposed Budget Overview.pdf
SS 2021-013 Champaign Open Finance Portal Demonstration.pdf